Check Out Our New Women’s Cowboy Boots And Leather Jackets

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013  by Gary Erdenski Gary Erdenski

Heading out the door? As your mother would say, “Be sure to put on your jacket and boots!” We’ve got just the selection for you, including our new arrivals of Whet Blu women’s leather motorcycle jackets and cowboy boots. Don’t just please mom, look stylish while doing so!

Cowboy boots may have had humble beginnings as footwear for cowboys on cattle drives, but today wherever you look, women are sporting these jazzy utilitarian treasures.  With good reason — You can mix and match them with jeans, skirts and of course a women’s leather motorcycle jacket to create a look that says style and sass.

For those gals who are in constant pursuit of their next pair of great women’s cowboy boots, you can stop searching now.  Check out these new arrivals to the Leather Bound Online Store:

Women’s Laredo “Miranda” Leather Inlay Western Boot

Womens Cowboy Boot Laredo Miranda
The “Laredo” Miranda boot showcases the finest in cowboy boot tradition with the finely detailed floral leather inlay cutouts.  Outside, this luxurious boot gets its sturdiness factor from high quality leather and rubber outsoles. Inside, the durable polyurethane and hinged cushion insoles make these 2″ heels stylish and easy-to-wear.

Womens Dingo Gaucho Nutty Mule Distressed Harness Boot

Womens Cowboy Boot Dingo Gaucho Nutty Mule Distressed Harness Boot
While you might not expect to get stepped on by a horse, if the unfortunate incident were to occur, you can bet your toes would handle it well in these super durable harness boots with snoot style toe.  The lovely distressed shade of brown will complement any color when you are out touring the roads, and the oil-resistant outsole will put up with any road grime around.

Women’s Laredo Tan & Blue Flower Western Boot

laredo tan & blue

The original design of a cowboy boot allowed for leg protection and ease of mounting a stirrup and staying in it during a long ride.  Those details are fashionably on display in this striking Laredo Western boot. The tan and blue color hearken back to the tones of the Old West on this easy-pull-on boot.  

Now that your feet are prepared to stay dry and warm, add a flashy jacket to complement your new footwear. We have a new selection of Whet Blue Leather Jackets designed for both style and comfort. Choose from these three popular styles:

Whet Blu Women’s Lambskin Racer Jacket

Whet Blu Women's Lambskin Racer Jacket
This lambskin racer-style motorcycle jacket features three zip-front pockets and front cuffs and the soft black leather is ideal for light jacket weather. Any variety of blouses or t-shirts will look great beneath the form-fitting design!

Whet Blu Women’s Lambskin Scooter Moto Jacket

Whet Blu Women's Lambskin Scooter Moto Jacket
If you don’t have a motor scooter, now may be the time to get one.  Made of ultra-soft lambskin, this black San Juan scooter-style jacket conveys casual elegance with its front pockets and snap neck.

Whet Blu Women’s Lambskin Bomber Jacket

Whet Blu Women's Lambskin Bomber Jacket
Nothing says traditional leather motorcycle jacket like this black lambskin bomber.  Sporting the zip-up wide knit collar, this jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm. The attractive fit and design will make it one of your favorite wardrobe pieces.

After you get gussied up in these motorcycle apparel winners, prepare for your ride on the road by following our blog for the latest motorcycle news you can use.

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