Welcome To The Boundless Leather Blog

Few experiences in life compare to that feeling which is felt when an open road is stretched before you – vast, infinite and boundless.  The geniuses in our culture, from Brando to Hopper and Fonda, knew that the best way to experience this challenge was to zip up a leather jacket and attack it with two wheels.


For nearly twenty years, we at Leather Bound Online have shared this passion for the road, and have helped clothe thousands of men, women and children in the leather jackets and protective leather motorcycle vests that have made their motorcycle journeys unforgettable.


With the launch of the Boundless Leather Blog, we look forward to sharing just a few of the stories that came from these journeys, or will help prepare you for your own.


Visit each week for a new post, ranging from:

  • Real life stories from the road
  • Countdowns to top events like Sturgis
  • Motorcycle safety tips that could one day save your life

We look forward to posting for you each week.


Let us know what you think, or feel free to share your own stories, via the comments below.


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