Men’s Top Holiday Gifts 2016

The holiday season has arrived and its time to start the stressful task of picking out holiday gifts for friends and family. To make it a bit easier for you I have complied a list of great gift ideas any biker guy is sure to love. So here is the top gifts for biker men 2016 edition.

  1. Black denim is all the rage in the motorcycle world right now, gift him with a quality made black denim vest from Milwaukee Leather. Check out this club style denim vest with hidden front zipper and internal concealment pockets.


2. Gift the gift of warmth with the best pair of insulated leather motorcycle gauntlet gloves. These premium deerskin leather gloves have 150 grams of toasty warm thinsulate insulation.


3. A quality leather wallet is something any guy will appreciate. Check out this American made genuine leather biker chain wallet with buffalo nickel snap.


4. A funny biker t-shirt like this work sucks motorcycle shirt is a solid gift to purchase.


5. Accessories can be a mans best friend, like this American Made genuine leather biker style watch band with triple buckle closure.



Boot Tips For Every Style of Motorcycle Rider

When he’s on that motorcycle everything from the Born-To-Ride bumper sticker on the back fender to the doo rag on top of his head says something about a biker’s personality.


The casual observer may see some biker in a leather jacket, dark sun glasses, riding a motorcycle, but to fellow riders he’s wearing a Distressed Cowhide Leather riding jacket featuring premium cow ice leather with a pair of transitional photo-chromatic smoke tinted riding glasses on top of a 2011 Harley Davidson XR1200X.


Every stitch of clothing, every dent and ding, every logo says something about who the biker is and what they believe in. A biker’s choice in gear is just as important as their choice in motorcycle. Boots are not to be picked out on the spur of the moment, they need to be researched to make sure the right pair that matches your particular riding habits style of riding is purchased.


Basic Types Of Motorcycle Boots

  • Racing – Specifically geared toward giving the rider flexibility at high speeds while at the same time allowing for plenty of protection, racing boots are characterized by tons of extra padding and the addition of shin guards to help the lower legs. These boots are perfect for those that love tearing up the road at high rates of speed.
  • Touring or Long Boots – Long Boots are just what they sound like, boots made for those that love long trips on their bikes or even commute back and forth from work. The length is for safety but the feel is for maximum comfort. A good pair of long boots feels almost custom made and are different in their lack of laces that could get caught in the bike.
  • Off Road Boots – Not every motorcycle is designed to stick to the city streets and not every boot is designed that way either. For those that just want to hit the back roads and dig up some dirt, off road or all-terrain boots are thicker than riding boots in order to help protect against sticks, thorns, and loose gravel.


Once you figure out what type of boot is best for your riding style, the next step is knowing what to look for in terms of quality, safety, and comfort.

  • Quality – Obviously leather is the material of choice, but after a period of time it can dry up and begin to crack. This is a problem not found in Gore Tex boots or other types made with synthetic fibers. A good quality boot will also feature thick soles to cut back on vibrations, excellent stitching and even a warranty in some cases.
  • Safety- Everyone has their opinions about this, but it’s hard to deny that boots that have straps or buckles instead of laces are safer. There’s just too much room for something bad to happen when wearing a boot that has laces that can come untied and get caught in the gear shift. For those that can’t help but purchase a pair of motorcycle boots that have laces, make sure the knot is able to be secured behind a strap. As mentioned above long boots or those that have shin guards are also good choices when talking safety.
  • Comfort- For some bikers a comfortable boot is everything and a lot can be said about a broke in pair of riding boots that have been to the end of the earth and back. Things to look for in a comfortable boot include: good ventilation, water proofing, and plenty of padding. A good pair of boots shouldn’t be so tight they limit movement nor so loose that they take away from the feel of the gear shift.


One thing is for sure and that’s with over 40 varieties to choose from, Leather Bound has the right pair of motorcycle boots to fit even the most hardcore of motorcycle enthusiast. Including designs for women and children! So check us out and for more info call us at 856-665-4454!


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